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Coaching Staff

2014-2015 Coaching Staff

Coaching Directors

Name Title Email
Graham Hutton Director of Coaching grahamhutton@hotmail.com
Steve Gent Academy Director sgent@fcarasota.com

Boys Academy Coaches

Age group Coach Email
U8 Boys Kate Maccarone kamaccar@gmail.com
U9 Boys Steve Schroeter ufdent98@gmail.com
U10 Boys Mike Haber mikeh@gfriedfa.com

Girls Academy Coaches

Age Group Coach Name Email
U9/10 Girls Rob Walton robwalton@msn.com

Girls Competitive Coaches

Age Group Coach Name Email League
U11 Rob Walton Robwalton@msn.com CDL
U12 Nicole Paternostro nicolesowders@hotmail.com CDL
U14 Adam DeClerico adam@fcsarasota.com CDL A
U14 Francisco Wen francisco.wen@hotmail.com CDL B
U15/16 Steve Gent sgent@fcsarasota.com USA

Boys Competitive Coaches

Age group Coach Name Email League
U11 blue Daniel Gent dgent16@gmail.com CDL A
U11 gold Joe McDowell joe.mcdowell4@hotmail.com CDL B
U12 blue Joe St. Onge joe.st.onge@comast.net CDL A
U12 gold James Woods jamesdanielwood@hotmail.com CDL B
U14 Luiz Florez luisflorez0322@gmail.com CDL B
U14 Fabio El Farissi ahd.007@hotmail.com USA
U15 James Wood jamesdanielwood@hotmail.com CDL
U16 blue Rob Walton robwalton@msn.com CDL A
U16 gold Luiz Florez luisflorez0322@gmail.com CDL B
U17/18 Adam DeClerico adam@fcsarasota.com CDL

Check back as we will be continually updating our coach's page.