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Adam DeClerico

Adam DeClerico

Adam DeClerico

U18 boys and U14 girls Coach

Playing Experience

· Earned Full Athletic Soccer Scholarship to Newberry College in 2000.
· Switched schools from Newberry College to West Virginia Wesleyan College (WVWC) and maintained full athletic scholarship.
· While at both Newberry and WVWC, chosen to be Captain of team(s) by head coach and AD.
· Earned First Team All-Conference and All-Region in WVIAC in 2005 for Wesleyan.
· During 2005, played semi-professional soccer in Italy for Acilia AC for 10 months.
· In 2006, played PDL and U-23 for Chicago Fire.
· In 2006, chosen for Florida State Select First Team. Played in competitions for 1 year.
· Signed contract in 2007 with RWB Adria of Chicago.
· Traveled to Seatlle for Open Cup Final Four, played as midfielder.
· Played with Adria vs. Rochester Rhinos in Lamar Hunt Cup 2008.
· Played on the Amateur Men’s Team Tampa Kickers where we went to Final Four in the country two consecutive years.
· Won a USASA National Championship as starting center midfield for RWB Adria in July 2011.

Coaching Experience

· As of January 20th 2011, hired as head coach of FC Sarasota U-18 CDL boys. Currently ranked # 5 in the state and 30th in the country (soccer in college rankings). Recently won Sunbowl Challenge, IMG Cup, CASL Showcase.
· AsLed FC Sarasota team to CDL League title in 2011 and 2012.
· Current Coaching record is 74-14-18 (April 2012)
· Hired in 2009, two seasons as Head Coach for Boys Varsity at Riverview High School. Current two year record is 22-7-6.
· Since becoming head coach, have been directly responsible for 3 kids getting athletic soccer scholarships.
· Earned Regional playoff birth in toughest district in State 6-A. Currently active in this role
· Became Head Coach of Division 1 Suncoast Spartans U-15 team in 2009. Took team from 6th in league to 2nd in the league in my first year.
· Became Head Coach of Division 2 Suncoast Spartans U-12 team
· 2007-2008 Season coach for 6-A Riverview High School of Sarasota. Maintained assistant coach position for 2 years. In first year as assistant, took Varsity boys the farthest they had been in 6 years. Lost in Regional playoffs.
Coaching License(s)

· USSF ‘F’ License (February 2010)
· USSF ‘E’ License (October 2010)
· USSF ‘D(r)’ License (August 2012) 
· Attending 'C' License Course in January 2013

Coaching Philosophy and Techniques

· Over the last 5 years of coaching select soccer, I have found the following tools to be useful in constructing my development as a coach:
o Weil Coerver foot skills and Horst Wein concepts for mini-soccer.
o The Dutch system of coaching, particularly to the fundamental use of 4v4.
o Schreiner’s idea for dribbling.
o The FA Soccer Stars Challenge which measures technical progress in players.
· As a soccer coach, I have established/invented several of my own coaching tools. These tools include:

o 16 grid passing-out-of-pressure tool. Helps create virtual space for a player (mentally) and then correlating this grid to the field and getting out of pressure by creating different angles for different grid ratios.
o Practical Step test. Players are required to move from one activity to another at the most efficient rate while maintaining optimum speed. Players are then calculated and docked for speed and efficiency mistakes.
o 5 day training scheme. Depending on day of the week the game falls on, 5 different training schemes will be used to optimize players regeneration, fitness, and small/medium/full size scrimmaging.
· Players are treated like professionals. They are constantly monitored for passing success, speed, heart rate, watching game and training films and required to keep a healthy attendance record and open line of communication with emphasis on punctuality and discpline.
· A very important philosophy for imitating game speed is optimum training intensity. Training sessions include a proper dynamic warm-up and stretch. After that, the team will train at optimum intensity for 50-60 minutes. Afterwards, players are instructed to cool down and stretch as a team.