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FC Sarasota Coaching Tips for All Ages

Coaching Tips from Experienced Coaches

Like so many soccer clubs, FC Sarasota continues to work with it's coaches to enhance their knowledge of the game.  This area of the website will offer tips to enhance the playing and coaching environment.

Plan Ahead for Training

The new US Soccer Curriculum outlines the importance of training versus playing matches. Albeit matches are important, quality training should consume 75% of the time on the field during the week.  So depending on age group, 3-4 sessions per week with a match on the weekend.

The importance of a planned training session is imperative to the overall development of your players.  Not only that, it makes you organized and passionate about your job as a soccer coach.  Post-planning after a session allows you to takes notes and work on certain issues that arose during that session. This topic of post-planning can be found here.

Write out a lesson plan after your last training session.  This will give you a vision and help structure the next session in your head. Extra time on the "day of" training, is few and far between.  A coach can find themselves scrambling on the fly once they arrive at the field.

Show up early. Get to the field before your players, for several reasons.  A successful manager is at work before their staff or players.  This gives you time to setup the field accordingly and reminds the players that you are there for a reason.  It advances your voice into a more reliable light.

Adam DeClerico - Boys Director of Coaching :: Adam has experience as a youth, collegiate and professional soccer player, and won an Amateur National Championship. His career coaching record is 74-25-18 with numerous tournament and league titles.