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Interested in playing college soccer?

How many players work year after year, session after session, ice bath after ice bath, only to give it up at the end of high school?  At FC Sarasota, our College Soccer  Liaison works diligently to identify those players interested in playing college soccer.  Once there is interest from a player and his/her family, the  Liaison starts a program to help market, promote, enhance and distribute the necessary information to college coaches.

This page is dedicated to help those players get into a college soccer program.


So what do college coaches look for?


  1. Grades
  2. Attitude
  3. Ability

First, they will want to talk to your current club coach.  So it is important to give your coach plenty of GOOD things to say.  Like, "he or she is always on-time." Or, "She works hard every session." Or, "He listen and does as instructed." Now, none of the beforementioned has anything to do with playing ability, but we will get to that.

How does it work?


The college program at FC Sarasota is taken seriously by Coach DeClerico. He recommends that the process start at the age of U16.  This gives the players, coaches (both collegiate and club) and parents the opportunity to establish relationships and fully understand the goals of each player.

Initially, players and parents sit down together to go over a thorough questionaire.  The purpose for this is to get an idea of the following:

  • What schools are you interested in? OR What Majors?
  • Do you want to stay in State?
  • Do you currently have a player profile available for coaches to view?
  • Are you advertising yourself when you go to tournaments?
  • Do you have a scouting video posted on youtube?

After this point, the Liaisons design a plan for the players to follow.  This plan is a roadmap to get the players noticed, in touch with and in front of schools that offer college soccer.  This is all done in compliance with NCAA rules and without cost from FC for the services.

To get started, fill out all necessary fields in the form to the right.  A college liaison will be sure to get in touch.

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May 2012 - 8 FC Sarasota U18 Players headed to play college soccer under the direct guidance of the Liaison Program. (click the image to view the article)