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Post Planning

Why planning after training is important

One of the last things you should do before walking off the pitch after training, is cool down with your team.  Get out there and work on elongating the muscles with deep active dynamic stretching.

As you pack up and head to your vehicle, reflecting on the coaching moments from the session.  This type of relection will help to reinforce the thoughts later.  The "Power of 3" work like this: Give yourself 3 coaching moments from that day.  Topics should be on: Offensive, Defensive and 3 individual efforts.  The 3 efforts would be examples of 3 players and what they did well at training.  For instance, your notes might look like this:

"Offensively we worked on playing two touch in the middle zone of the middle third. Defensively, we talked about not over-committing too far up the field. 3 players that made exceptional decisions today were: Mike, great first time shot. Eric, won most 50/50s in the air. Eddie, incredible crossing from the right."

Now that you have made some notes, you can work on the session for tomorrow. Incorporate the fundamentals that occured the night before.  How? When drafting your lesson plan, mention, "And yesterday it was Mike who took the early shot and created a great goal scoring opportunity."

As you may have noticed, the term "reinforce" has been used several times throughout this coaching tip.  When it comes to post planning, that is exactly what you are doing. Taking notes from the session to reinforce the good, bad and indifferent moments from that session.  And then working with your players the following day on remember some of those moments.

Adam DeClerico - Boys Director of Coaching :: Adam has experience as a youth, collegiate and professional soccer player, and won an Amateur National Championship. His career coaching record is 74-25-18 with numerous tournament and league titles.