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Our Purpose

It is the mission of FCS to provide a nonprofit, public educational and training program to foster and advance the sport of youth soccer, both recreational and competitive, in the community of Sarasota.  It is the further purpose of FCS to provide the administrative and programmatic oversight of youth soccer activities for its affiliated or associated members within the community of Sarasota.

Our Philosophy

At FC Sarasota Soccer Club, we ensure every effort to deliver well-educated coaches to develop the skills, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship and to adopt and preserve these qualities at all levels of their soccer growth.  The goal of the coaches is to create a positive learning environment for their players and the community and make every effort to empower our players with a life-long passion and love for the game. We must develop an environment where we teach a creative, attacking, and possession-style soccer built on a foundation of strong technical skills.

In adopting this style of soccer, we endeavor to create an environment free from the “fear of failure”, where our players can explore and be creative without the fear of making mistakes. We believe that such an environment, with no limitations is where our players can grow the most and realize their potential both as players and individuals. The inspiration to play attractive soccer must be greater than the fear of losing.

Our Directive

Our prime directive is to ensure that the programs we offer, the decisions we take, and the methods are for the benefit of the player.


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FC Sarasota
PO Box 17936
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Telephone: 941-925-7679
Email: mmixon@fcsarasota.com