Club Philosophy

We celebrate a community based, inclusive and diverse environment, where all members have a voice. We believe that the more we share, the better off we all will be.


We create a safe place that inspires our passionate membership by providing the freedom to experiment and express, a principle our nation was built upon.


We understand that each individual has unique talents, strengths, and roles, but that we can only succeed as a team when all members work together. We are dedicated to providing all levels of play for our membership; Recreation, Competitive Development Program (intermediate) and Competitive in order to develop players to their highest potential as well provide a soccer program to the community.  


We believe in the concepts of Pride, Passion and perseverance. (The three P’s) We develop and environment that cultivates these concepts in a professional, safe and at the appropriate level of competition.

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Contact Info

FC Sarasota
PO Box 17936
Sarasota, Florida 34276

Telephone: 941-925-7679