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Philosphy on Teaching

FCS is dedicated to creating an environment in practice/training that includes:

  • Organized training with direction
  • Curriculum with sound Pedagogy
  • Development first attitude
  • Differentiated teaching approach
  • Proven Methodology (Progression, Play Practice Play, Whole part Whole)
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Growth mindset V.S. Fixed Mindset
  • Club Playing Style
  • Technical Support and Feedback
  • Continuity in topics specific to players and teams


Our Teaching Methodology takes into account the following four principles:


1. Adaptation Principle–start with observations of players and plan everything according to the level of the players. Be a facilitator and create an environment where players are able to develop naturally. Recognize that each player is a unique individual with his own unique learning needs. What may work for one player, may not be suitable for the learning needs of another player and the coach should adapt his teaching methods to each player accordingly.


2. Progression Principle–increase/progress the difficulty level of the soccer activities once you observe a desired level of improvement in the players. The players will not progress if they are not presented with new challenges, but will also get easily frustrated if the new challenges are presented to them too soon, when they are not yet ready to deal with the increased demands. Careful observation and coaching expertise are key factors in the successful implementation of the Progression Principle.


3. Continuity Principle–give continuity to the learning process; allow players the time to learn and be patient as the learning process takes place. Give the players as many chances as they need to ensure that their developmental needs are met at each stage of their development. We believe that the role of the coach during the training process is to be a facilitator and to guide players to reach their own conclusions when solving various soccer problems. We believe that during coaching the coach should set realistic expectations, use positive reinforcement, reward the right behavior and reinforce the effort as well as the accomplishments. We believe that the coach should serve as the ultimate role model and should strive to develop the whole person and not just the soccer player.


4. Mindset Principle- The club will utilize Carol Dweck’s research on mindset and develop an environment that nurtures a growth mindset. Players will see challenges as a chance to develop as a player as well as a person. Developmentally appropriate challenges that have the players solve problems individually and collectively. This is vital to the game of soccer as players must solve problems effectively and as quick as possible. Development as a player has peaks and troths and the player must learn to see this as a normal process in human journey in learning. Coaches will see the player in the future and work on that as a goal utilizing the IDP’s and differentiated teaching techniques.

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