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Soccer Philosophy

We believe in playing attacking, possession-oriented soccer performed by technically proficient thinking players.

Players and teams that are able to outsmart their opponent and execute their ideas will be more successful in achieving their game objectives. We believe in players who play with pride, passion and perseverance and we strive to cultivate these qualities in our play.

Style of Play

When Attacking, all FC Sarasota teams will play in a style of maintaining possession of the ball in a systematic way and always looking to do so in a manner and area of the field that provides the team the best chance for advancing the ball forward to create chances and to score goals as well as control tempo of matches.


All teams will balance building from the defensive third and skipping lines depending on stage of development of players, moment in the match and match conditions.


FCS Teams will have an organized defensive shape that includes a line of confrontation and clearly defined roles and responsibilities of players.


All players will transition from attacking defending in an organized tactical manner with the thirds of the field in consideration.


All FCS players will immediately transition from Defending to Attacking by anticipating and recognizing repossession of the ball in order to start a quick counterattack or to maintain possession.

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