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Technical Development Philosophy (TDP) Outline

The TDP is a comprehensive plan for coaches to implement the technical philosophy of the club.


The TDP is used in all FC Sarasota programs Recreational, Competitive Development Program (CDP) and competitive.


FC Sarasota is dedicated to player centric development model as well as creating an environment that is inclusive, safe and nurturing. FC Sarasota is dedicated to teaching the game of soccer the right way with attacking possession based soccer that plays through the lines of players going form defense to attack quickly and vice versa.


The TDP road map includes weekly, monthly and yearly curriculum that integrates players journey through the age groups in the competitive program in order to create continuity. We value the holistic experiential learning approach that includes human development and values such as sportsmanship and teamwork.


Our TDP motto is the “three P’s” Pride, Passion and Perseverance. Through the implementation of the TDP we want instill these values on the players journey at FC Sarasota regardless of ability and personal goals in the beautiful game of soccer.

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