U8-U10 Junior Competitive (2010-2012)

Led by our team of professional coaches we aim to further develop the technical skills of our players. Teams play in leagues against other clubs and attend tournaments throughout the season.

Development Centric Coaching

  • 50% minimum playing time with positive attendance, effort, attitude.

  • The priority is on individual player development.

  • Teams strive to win but it should not be the main focus.

  • We have a playing philosophy for our teams that is possession based.

  • Coaches set age/ability specific technical, tactical, psychological and physical goals.

  • Players should play for extended periods in matches and learn to solve their own problems on the field.

Club Philosophy

  • Create Positive Work Habits.

  • Players have to earn it.

  • We are promoting personal development. Playing time becomes the individual responsibility of the player.

  • They control their attitude/effort in training and the amount of self-practice they undertake.

FC Sarasota

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