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Refund Policy

By registering with the FC Sarasota (FCS), the player has committed to the program and their team for the seasonal year.  

The FCS leaders and management staff is empathetic that certain situations may arise that force a decision to have a parent and/or player request a release/refund or drop from our program. 

The player must be in good standing with the club in order to be eligible for release/refund (e.g., no outstanding red card fees, no outstanding ‘installment’ registration fees, no outstanding team fees, etc.).  

Note: Initial deposits are non-refundable.

Recreational Refunds – Refunds will only be issued up until teams are formed and requests must be received in writing.  NO REFUNDS will be issued after teams are formed unless for medical reasons and a written note from a doctor is provided.

Please click on the Refund Request link for full details regarding our refund policy.

All refund requests must be sent to Mary Mixon at

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