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FC Sarasota Return to Play COVID-19 Guidelines

The health and safety of our staff, players and their families is a top priority for FC Sarasota and we have created specific guidelines which align with our governing body, FYSA’s guidelines, Florida Health Department’s Guidance for Organized Youth Activities and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (FDOH) guidelines.  Should additional guidelines or recommendations be necessary or if there are any changes to these guidelines, we will update our members in a timely manner.

The implementation of the guidelines to return to play will require the cooperation of the Club, Staff, Parents and Players.  While the Club and Coach must create the safe environment, the Parent must make the decision for their child to return to play and we understand that families will have different levels of comfort in the athlete’s return to play.  It is important that if families are not comfortable with the decision to return to the fields, then they most definitely should not.  Finally, the players must be responsible to adhere to and respect the social distancing requirements.

Please click the link to the right to read and download our full return to play guidelines.

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