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FC Sarasota COVID 19 - Quarantine Guidance

The health and safety of our staff, players and their families is a top priority for FC Sarasota at present we are alligning with the recent FDOH Emergeny Rule for Public Schools.  Should additional guidelines or recommendations be necessary or if there are any changes to these guidelines, we will update our members in a timely manner.

Players who test positive with COVID-19 MUST inform Mary Mixon at mmixon@fcsarasota.com / 941 925 7679 immediately and not attend practices or games.


For the purposes of the rule, “direct contact” means cumulative exposure for at least 15 minutes within six feet; thus, a direct contact is a player who was within six feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more. An infected person can spread COVID-19 starting from 48 hours before the person has any symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Isolation Guidance and Option 
Isolation is intended to keep someone who is infected with COVID-19 away from others, even in their home, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others. Players experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or who have received a positive diagnostic test for COVID-19 should not attend games or practices

  • The player receives a negative diagnostic COVID-19 test and is asymptomatic; or
  • Ten days have passed since the onset of symptoms or positive test result, the player has had no fever for 24 hours and the player's other symptoms are improving; or
  • The player receives written permission to return to practice/games from a medical doctor licensed under chapter 458, an osteopathic physician licensed under chapter 459 or an advanced practice registered nurse licensed under chapter 464.


Completely vaccinated players will not need to quarantine unless they show symptoms. 

Unvaccinated players, or players who have not completed the series, will be required to quarantine. Quarantined players can return to play on/after day 5 with a negative COVID test (including PCR or the Ellume COVID-19 home test); otherwise, the asymptomatic player may return to campus on/after the 8th day from exposure.

Home rapid-antigen tests:

While home antigen tests are available at local retailers, the DOH will only accept the Ellume COVID-19 home test that can produce a lab report that includes: the date the test was taken, the player's full name and the player's date of birth. The player may also go to any local testing facility to obtain a negative PCR test, as these facilities provide lab reports.

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