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Recreational Procedures and Protocols

Our players and their families’ health and safety come first; their physical and mental health are of utmost importance to us. Getting our kids outside, in fresh air and playing soccer safely is our goal.

FC Sarasota must follow specific guidelines provided in these protocols from state and local health departments in addition to utilizing those recommendations we must follow our own governing bodies USSA, FYSA, US Soccer as well as Sarasota Parks and Recreation. 

Everyone must take additional steps to help ensure members have a safe training and playing environment. Please remember that as we receive further directions from the relevant authorities, certain guidelines may be lifted but be aware there may be even stricter regulations passed down.

We ask you to KNOW YOUR ROLE! KNOW THE PROTOCOLS. The following best practices are intended to offer guidance to our Youth Soccer community. Adherence to these considerations and recommendations are vital to ensure a safe environment for our players.

We appreciate everyone support in this difficult time and hope we can get back to a normal as soon as possible.

Parents must have their athlete’s temperatures checked at home prior to coming to any training sessions or games.


· All players and parents must sign the COVID-19 Waiver Form prior to attending practice.  

· Players should arrive in training gear (shin guards and cleats).

· Players will bring their own ball and will not share with other players.

· Players should bring enough water to last through practice and clearly mark the bottles with their name.  NO SHARING OF WATER BOTTLES.

· After the parents drop off their child, it is recommended that they should either return to the vehicle or stay outside the fenced area to observe, while maintaining social distancing.

· After practices have ended, player should immediately go to their cars.

· Due to safety concerns, players should return to their cars if the practice is called for lightning delay or cancelled. 


· Field will be spaced accordingly to promote social distancing.  

· All players, coaches and spectators are required to maintain social distancing.  

· All players will arrive in the game day uniform.

· Players should bring enough water to last through practice and clearly mark the bottles with their name.  NO SHARING OF WATER BOTTLES.

· No team snacks allowed.

· Players and spectators should leave the facility immediately after their match is over.

· It is recommended that adults wear masks while inside the fenced area of the complex when not practicing social distancing.

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