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Financial Aid


FC Sarasota recognizes the importance of inclusivity to all players regardless of socio-economics conditions.  Please follow the directions below for filling out this form and return to Mary Mixon at mmixon@fcsarasota.comClick here for Financial Aid Form


Financial Aid is available for registration only.  Financial Aid cannot be used for uniforms or team fees.


FC Sarasota offers two types of financial aid, Financial Aid and an Extended Payment Plan


The Financial Aid program requires the recipient/parents/guardians to complete volunteer hours dependent on level of scholarship awarded.  The amount of hours can vary anywhere from 10 to 40 hours based on amount awarded.  The Financial aid volunteer hours MUST be completed during the season or before (set up) or during  Sarasota Cup.   Sarasota Cup is a tournament we host in April over two weekends and is our biggest fundraiser at the club.  Following Sarasota Cup if you have not completed your hours of volunteering, you will be placed in bad standing with the club for the full amount as well as placed in bad standing with FYSA (bad standing with FYSA prohibits a player for registering with any FYSA club).


The Extended Payment Plan gives the recipient the option to pay for their registration fees over an extended period of time (length of time to be agreed upon with both parties).

Financial Aid recipients are also able to apply for the Extended Period Plan for their portion of the registration fee.  If registration fees are not paid at the end of the Extended Period Plan, the player will be placed in bad standing with for the full amount as well as be placed in bad standing with FYSA (bad standing with FYSA prohibits a player for registering with any FYSA club). 


Financial Aid is granted for one season only.  Players with continued need will need to reapply each year. 


Financial Aid is awarded based on the available budget for that season and we cannot guarantee that Financial Aid funds will be available for all applicants.


Financial Aid is typically given for a portion of the registration fees.  Full Financial Aid may be available in extreme circumstances.


Financial Aid applications will be kept confidential.


Financial Aid grant decisions are based on financial need only.  Please submit narrative letter to support this form explaining your circumstances along with a copy of the previous year’s US Federal Tax Return (Form 1040), first page only and please black out any Social Security Numbers before sending.  This application will not be processed without this supporting documentation.



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