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FYSA Risk Management Policy


The FYSA Risk Management Program is in place to identify and assess potential risks to our soccer community. We monitor and minimize the probability and/or impact these risks may pose to youth athletes around the state. Risk management ranges from making sure that all players wear shin guards to providing background checks for all our volunteers, coaches and staff members. 

The objectives of the risk management program are:

  • To review and recommend policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our participants.

  • To establish secure records and maintain the background check information program for volunteers, employees and others who are entrusted with the supervision and care of players and participants, including financial care.

  • To provide secondary medical coverage for injuries incurred during participation in Florida Youth Soccer activities.

  • To provide policy recommendations and education for Florida Youth Soccer Member Associations to minimize liabilities and other manageable risks including financial risk.



FYSA Abuse Helpline

FYSA's number one priority is ensuring our soccer players have a safe, positive, and enriching experience in our game. FYSA has partnered with Praesidium, the national leader in child abuse prevention, to provide a confidential helpline for all players, coaches, and parents.  Praesidium has worked with over 4,000 youth-serving organizations across the nation for over 25 years to help prevent abuse of any kind directed at youth and to prevent false allegations of abuse.

If you ever have a concern related to any child's safety, please feel free to call Praesidium's helpline at (866) 607-7233 24 hours a day.   This number and information will be communicated to FYSA players periodically throughout the season.

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