College Recruitment

With less than 2% of all youth soccer organizations providing families any meaningful guidance, FC Sarasota is making a difference and providing college planning and recruiting guidance as a member benefit.

87% of all parents say a college education is the most important promise they will make to their child - yet few soccer organizations provide guidance or support.  FC Sarasota has stepped up to the plate, to ensure their families have the tools and resources needed to make finding the right college, the right coach, and the right opportunity, an easier task to accomplish.

“We are excited to introduce our Members Only College Connection Center”, said Ed Stroop, FC Sarasota President. “We felt this was a great opportunity to help our families plan for the future, and help them understand the many options that are available when it comes to finding and selecting a college. FC Sarasota wants to make a difference, and that starts right here, in our own backyard and community.” 

“Our families have instant access to 5800 Universities in the U.S.and Canada, and nearly 5000 collegiate soccer covering NCAA–NAIA–NCCAA –USCAA & NJCAA Sports.  If a student athlete has strictly academic endeavors in mind for their college experience, or seek to also play their game at the collegiate level, they now how the resources to help them navigate their choosen path easily.” added Ed.

In partnership with The Sport Source®, FC Sarasota families receive FREE practice PSAT – SAT – ACT tests, mentor support, grades 9-12 planning, scholarships and financial aid information, along with a video library filled with tips and advice from college coaches, players and other industry professionals to help families navigate the college maze in an easy to follow format.

Founded in 1989 The Sport Source® and each year over $300 million in scholarships, grant and aid is awarded to families using this proven approach.

 “While organizations talk about helping kids plan for college, FC Sarasota are one of the few organizations committed to helping players on and off the field.  The kids are our future and we are pleased to partner with FC Sarasota”, said Charlie Kadupski Founder & CEO of The Sport Source®.

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