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Competitive Pragram

FC Sarasota's competitive travel program is devoted to developing young athletes with the main emphasis and focus being the Player. This program provides your child to play soccer at a higher level than the Recreational Program can offer.  Our curriculum is built to improve young athletes in the four components of the game: physically, technically, tactically and psychologically.  Our intent is to prepare young athletes with the necessary skills to pursue soccer opportunities such as high school, Olympic development program, college, and the professional level. Our teams strive to represent our core values: passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence.

Our objective of the competitive program is to offer each level of player an opportunity to learn and compete while focusing on the overall development of the total player. We aim to develop and give each player the tools to thrive at the next level using their knowledge of systems of play, positions, and game concepts.

Our style of play is possession & transition and is represented at all ages throughout the club. We wish for our kids to understand the attacking and defensive principles of the game while also having the technical ability to influence games individually.

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