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YA Program Details

What Does FC Sarasota Provide?

  • A comprehensive soccer program designed to maximize player development with a Talent Development Plan that includes curriculum and philosophy with sound proven pedagogy. 

· USSF “A”, USC Premier Diploma and U.S. Soccer Instructor Licensed coaches on Staff with professional licensed Coach/Trainer for every team

· U9/U10 Age Group – 66 training sessions per season

· U11 / U14 Age Group – 99 training sessions per season

· U15 / U19 Age Group – 78 training sessions per season

· Optimal training and development for all players following FC Methodology

· College Recruitment Assistance Program with Dedicated Staff

· TRACE video analysis for individuals/team with college recruitment video capabilities

· League Affiliation Player Registration Fee (Player Pass)

· League fees

· Referee fees for all Regular Season matches

· Two dedicated facilities with seven fully lighted practice/game fields

· Dedicated staff; Administrative Director, Director of Coaching, Youth Academy Director, Recreational Director, FC Futures Director and Administrator/Registrar

· Access to Elite Academy additional training program

· Fully funded Coaching Development Pathway

· Goalkeeper Union training program with dedicated staff 

· Weekly email updates by coach

· Club Operational Costs; Dedicated clubhouse with fully functioning concession stand, air-conditioned offices and meeting room

· Financial Aid Program

· Places must be earned and based on Pride, Passion & Perseverance

· The FCS Technical Staff and Head Coach of each team will work together to determine developmentally appropriate programming for each player

Parent/Player Responsibility

· All tournament entry fees and coach’s tournament expenses (food, gas and hotel) if applicable, will be divided amongst all players unless covered by team sponsorship.  Players are expected to attend all scheduled tournaments.

  • Players are responsible for purchasing their Nike uniforms from WeGotSoccer, an online vendor.  The mandatory kit includes:  (1) Nike FC Sarasota 2021 Custom Navy/Gold Nike Jersey, (1) Nike Pike Derby III White Jersey, (1) Nike Park VII Gold Jersey, (1) Nike Dry League Knit II Shorts - Navy, (1) Nike Dry League Knit II Shorts – Wolf Grey,   (2) pair of Classic Socks (white and navy). The cost for purchasing the required complete kit is $210.
  • Players are expected to wear the approved practice uniform and shin guards and bring a correct size ball and water to each practice.  The mandatory practice uniform consists of the Nike Dry Academy 21 Drill Top, navy shorts and socks.  It is recommended that each have a minimum of 2 practice shirts (players will receive one gold jersey in their ‘required kit’ which can be used as a practice jersey as well).  Additional practice shirts can be purchased individually.  To keep costs as low as possible, the navy shorts and socks can be generic brand but they MUST be SOLID NAVY.

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FC Sarasota
PO Box 17936
Sarasota, Florida 34276

Telephone: 941-925-7679
Email: mmixon@fcsarasota.com