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What ages can my child play soccer?

FC Sarasota accepts players from the age of 4 to 19. Players over the age of 19 are considered amateur players instead of youth and must register with an adult soccer association. 

What does the "U" mean in U8 etc. mean?

It stands for Under. This means that that each team member will be "under" a specified age group.

When you click the registration link, only the programs that your child is eligible for will be shown for that child. Under certain circumstances, players may play in an older age group but they may never play in a younger age group.

What equipment will my child need?

The only thing any player really needs is a ball and the desire to play!

In addition to your child’s desire, players must wear appropriate footwear and shin guards.

Playing on grass requires cleats.  Shin guards are also mandatory equipment for any official game. Shin guards can cost as little as $5 or more than $50, depending on the materials. They can range from a simple piece of plastic to state-of-the-art synthetic materials. 

Where do I buy soccer equipment?

Most sporting good stores will have a variety of equipment for you to choose from.

How does FC Sarasota screen its volunteers?

No coaches, managers, or team administrators are given access to children until they have passed the US Center for Safe Sport Course and CDC Concussion training.  FC Sarasota runs a background check on all registered volunteers to make sure none of the players in our program are put in jeopardy.

Do games or practices ever get cancelled due to bad weather?

Yes. Though we make every effort to hold practices as scheduled, sometimes we must cancel sessions due to weather. Cancellations will be communicated to the effected team(s) as soon as possible through RainedOut.  Please ensure that once you have registered for our program you will need to register to get alerts from RainedOut through our website.

Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer?  

Yes.  FC Sarasota is a volunteer organization, and the program cannot be maintained without parent volunteers.  All our volunteer opptunities are available through SignUPGenius.  Please check for current volunteer opportunities here.

Where are practices held?  

Currently, all practices and home games are held at Twin Lakes Park, 6700 Clarke Road, Sarasota, Florida. 


After January 2019, Competitive Practices will be held at Tatum Ridge Soccer Fields, Palmer Blvd, Sarasota, 34240 and Recreational Practices & Games will be held at Twin Lakes Park, 6700 Clarke Road, Sarasota, Florida, 34241.


Do you offer any discounts for registrations?   

We offer a multi-player discount to families with two or more children participating in our program.

I want to be a sponsor. Who do I contact?  

Contact Donna Forway by email at

How do I update my payment information on GotSoccer?

Payment information updates must be done through your GotSoccer account.  Please click here for instructions.

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