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News Articles

Throughout the season there are great articles that make the FC Sarasota newsletters.  You'll find the articles posted in the rotating articles on the Home page as well as in our weekly newsletters.  You'll also see them on our various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).  This is the page where they all reside and can be accessed anytime.  In date order from newest to oldest, you can click on the links in the right margin to access any article.

Calling all FC Sarasota, Team Representatives & Parents.  We need great photos and event blurbs to post on our club website & social media channels .  Everyone wants to know what is going on with all FC Sarasota teams and we need you as our roving reports to pass on your team reports.

Here's what we need:

  • Great Photo - as you know online it always starts with a high-quality photo.  They can be taken with your phone.  Make sure you can capture as many players and coaches (and any family members depending on the event) of your team that day and ensure that it is taken in good lighting and are zoomed in so that the players/coaches take up the majority of the photo. The photos that go viral are the ones that show the emotions of the team - the fun, excitement, determination, pride, etc.
  • Short Blurb - A short write up of the details of your event that day - whether it be the stats of your game that day or of a tournament you competed in or even another team activity your team participated in.  Make sure you include your team name and what/where the event is.  See links to great samples below.  Be creative!  Unlimited words can be provided for the club website & Facebook, but only 140 characters for Twitter.

Send these to: or text to 941 925 7679.

And if you are posting things along these lines to Twitter, please include our handle @fcssoccer.  We can then see those and we'll retweet them in our Twitter feeds.

Thanks!  Looking forward to your great submissions!!


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