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FC Futures

The FC Futures is an identification and selection program for 7 and 8 year olds playing in the FC Sarasota Recreational Program. 


FC Futures Director, Coach Tom Goodman, will observe players at training sessions in September and select players for the program.  Coach Goodman will direct all training sessions, jamborees and intramural games.


The FC Futures provides additional player development opportunities for the identified players.  The additional opportunities include:


Fall Season 

  • Additional training session each week (Invitation Only - Starting Friday October 1st and will run every Friday until November 19th)
  • small sided game jamborees
  • Cost - $100

 Winter/Spring Season 

  • training session each week
  • Futures intra-mural games each week

FC Futures Training Themes (topics)

  • Dribbling Technique
  • Passing and Receiving Technique
  • Shooting Technique
  • Basic Formation and Shape

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