Volunteers are an integral part of the operation of our soccer club. Each player’s payment included a volunteer service
fee that is refunded once the required amount of time is satisfied.

Competitive program - $50 refundable fee for minimum 4 hours service per player 

Recreational program - $25 refundable fee for minimum 2 hours service per player 

Once the total amount of time is satisfied, submit the form for reimbursement either by emailing to mmixon@fcsarasota.com or mailing to PO Box 17936, Sarasota, FL 34276.

Fees must be paid in full to be eligible for the refund.

Each volunteer service must be approved events that are posted on the website.

Volunteers sign up for the service event through the website and must obtain the signature of an approved event coordinator or club official.

Payments are processed on the last day of the month.

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FC Sarasota
PO Box 17936
Sarasota, Florida 34276

Telephone: 941-925-7679
Email: mmixon@fcsarasota.com