Become an FC Sarasota Coach

Fall Recreational Soccer

In order to help to give the players the best experience possible we have added a coaching license requirement for Fall 2017. 


The USSF 'F' License is an online module that takes about 2 hours to complete, you can do it over a few days or all in one go.  It is not a pass / fail course.

FC Sarasota will reimburse you for the course should you sign up to coach. 


Please note that if you have not confirmed to coach during the Fall season please click the button to sign up.


Refund Options:


  1. When you register your child you can pay, complete the 'F' license, email Mary a copy of the license and you will receive a refund of the $25 license fee plus your player program fee will be refunded.

  2. Wait to register your child, take the 'F' license, email Mary a copy of the license and you will receive a refund of the $25 license fee, plus you will get a code so that you  do not pay when you register your child for the program


The club covers 1 full fee per team. If two coaches want to split that they can. The club would still cover both 'F' license fees

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