U15 - U19 Senior Competitive (2001- 2005)

Our Competitive program challenges our players to be the best they can be. With professional and highly licensed coaches we create a competitive environment to push the technical, tactical, and physical abilities of the player whilst ensuring that our ethos of respect, teamwork, and self-improvement is upheld.

Development Centric Coaching

  • Players are pushed to develop their tactical understanding of the game.

  • The priority is on team development.

  • Teams strive to win but it should not be the main focus.

  • Possession based playing philosophy.

  • Coaches set age/ability specific technical, tactical, psychological and physical goals.

  • Players should play for extended periods in matches and learn to solve their own problems on the field.

Club Philosophy

  • Create Positive Work Habits.

  • Players have to earn it.

  • We are promoting personal development. Playing time becomes the individual responsibility of the player.

  • They control their attitude/effort in training and the amount of self-practice they undertake.

FC Sarasota

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