Tournament Preparation

August 28, 2017


Even if you are, by now, a seasoned soccer tournament veteran as a player or as a parent, nothing can quite prepare you for up to five games over the course of one blisteringly hot weekend. As our teams prepare for their first tournaments of the season we felt it would be wise to offer some advice for players and parents on how to make the most of your weekend of soccer.


​1. Hydrate! Bring huge blocks of ice, camels, coolers, whatever you can find that holds water. Almost every tournament runs a concession stand in case you run out but they usually only take cash so make sure you have a few bucks on hand.


2. Sunscreen! ​As we all know, Florida is situated about one mile from the sun. It can get a little warm.

Most tournaments at large soccer complexes will offer little to no shade so it is really important that players and spectators are well protected. If you have enough time between games make sure that players are able to get out of the sun and into somewhere cool, like Newcastle.


3. Enjoy it! Let the players play, the coaches coach, and the referees ref. Support your team, be appreciative of the effort put in on both sides, and, most importantly, stay classy. Wherever we go we try to ensure that our ethos of player development, equal opportunities, and respect for the game and everyone who plays it is on show. We are proud of our soccer family and happy that you are part of it.

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