High School Soccer

October 17, 2017

It is High School soccer time once again. Over the next few weeks many of our senior players will be attending tryouts and competing with players from other clubs for spots on Varsity and Junior Varsity rosters. We thought it would be useful to provide a little guidance on how these tryouts usually work and what High School coaches are looking for.


The High School soccer season is demanding. Daily practice sessions and up to 3-4 games per week. Coaches  will be on the look out for players who can cope with these demands, so it is important to show up ready to work hard. Typically tryouts begin with some sort of fitness exercise. This allows coaches to not only identify the most athletic players but also get a sense of the desire behind the player to make the team.


We have seen tryouts where over 70 players are competing for a spot on one team. Due to the sheer number of faces put in front of the coach it is important to stand out… in the right way. Arrive early and bring a ball so you can pass or create an impromptu rondo with other players.  Pick up cones when asked. Jog into the coach if he or she tells everyone to come in. When put into some sort of game situation make sure that you play your natural game, don’t try to show off in the wrong situations, and always work your hardest. Nothing puts off a High School coach quicker than a player who thinks they are too good to bother with hard work.


High School soccer is also mentally tough. Coaches will be on the look out for players who can lift others, who can work with all the players on the roster, who will do whatever is asked of them. We asked Coach Stroop, head coach at Riverview High School, what he looks for during tryouts, ‘Character, sportsmanship, and class’, he replied.


We would like to wish all our players the best of luck during tryouts, to represent their club coach, their club, and themselves with dignity and respect.




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