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January 24, 2018



Inverting The Pyramid - Jonathan Wilson

A book for the soccer nerd. From the early chaos of the birth of the beautiful game right through to the modern masters such as Pep Guardiola, this book details the evolution of the game throughout the world. Taking a socio-historical approach, Wilson charts how the game developed in various cultures and highlights the tactical evolutions that have shaped what we watch and what we play today.  If you want to know your ‘total football’ from your ‘catenaccio’, this book is for you.


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The Damned United - David Pearce

For at least one of our coaches, Brian Clough is an iconic figure. As a player he had a goal return to rival Harry Kane until injury put an end to his playing career. He took up management and won the 1st Division (now the Premier League) with Derby County and Nottingham Forest where he also won the European Cup (now the Champions League) twice in a row. In between these two jobs, Clough took the reigns at the biggest club in England, Leeds United. This biographical novel takes place over the turbulent 44 days that marked Brian Clough’s management of Leeds. It is an utterly fascinating study of the fine line between genius and madness.


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The Mixer - Michael Cox

In 1992 the game in England changed forever. A move by the top clubs in the country and Rupert Murdochs burgeoning media empire to create a splinter division saw the birth of the Premier League, which is now sold across the world for enough money to justify paying a moody Chilean $700,000 a week to swap not winning at Arsenal to not winning at Manchester United.  This is a highly entertaining book that looks at the growth of the Premier League, the key figures that were involved, and its defining moments.


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